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"The Fresno Police Department impounds more than 20,000 vehicles each year, so we researched every option out there. With that said, we are very pleased with DTS and the benefits."

Captain Andrew Hall
Fresno, CA


DTS Tow Software helps you drive profitability through seamless integration with law enforcement agencies and complete dispatch management.
DTS is the leading provider of dispatch solutions catering exclusively to business-to-business and electronic data interchange technology for the towing industry. Using solutions from DTS, all parties to a tow can be interconnected through an online system that manages the towing and impounding process start to finish. Applications are delivered over the internet on a subscription basis.


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Fresno Police Department Utilizing Law Enforcement Tow System (LETS)

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Dispatch & Tracking Solutions (DTS) is the industry leader when it comes to towing management solutions. DTS is #1 in advanced technology, customer support, customer installations, industry experience, product functionality and ease-of-use. DTS is the only company with significant experience and expertise in all aspects of the towing industry, including: police dispatching, motor club dispatching, and towing management systems. Only DTS has the industry resources to develop, maintain and support the comprehensive solutions required within the industry.


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